After 35 years of teaching, I decided to retire and enjoy my grandchildren. That’s when I remembered how expensive kids can be! I needed a little extra money to boost my retirement income so that I could spoil my grandbabies properly. That’s when I found Profit Clicking! It’s so easy even a grandmother can do it!
-- Vicki - California
I remember how intrigued I was when I first discovered Profit Clicking! After trying to achieve a consistent income online and failing over and over, I could relate to the mentality of being one of the 98 percent . As I continued to research all the information provided by Profit Clicking, I came to realize that Frederick Mann was the "real deal"  and leading a  team who had failed before finding a method to truly finding financial success!

The Profit Clicking system is not just a couple of programs strung together but a money-making machine that offers easy to follow processes and they actually work! I was so impressed by the content and various aspects of finding financial stability with Profit Clicking  that I decided to do everything I could to apply the lessons PC described in order to change my life forever.  I started by immediately purchasing two Ad Packages for a mere $20.00!

I set progressive goals each month and eventually rose to #7 of the Top 20 Earners in PC. More importantly, during the six months since my joining, I systematically grew my daily earnings to a level I never dreamed  of while still making withdrawals to pay off a 12 year old credit card debt.  I had such great success that I began to share my story with everyone I came into contact with and many signed with PC from my success alone!

I have had no hesitation in recommending Profit Clicking as the program has yet to fail me. In addition, with the new security features being set in motion, such as ProfitShifting, to provide an indefinitely sustainable solution, Profit Clicking is the best of the best when it comes to similar programs. It has won my vote of confidence!

-- Frank Heath ("Justcantlose")
I attempted two MLN's last year both which left me drained while working as a nurse. Great products just couldn't put the time into it that it requires and I am hesitant about peddling products. I ran across this in December and was hopeful that I could make some money not just to supplement but to help my family get out of debt. I probably could have done a few things different but I have definitely gotten the $500 back that I put in and once Profit Clicking completes their migration I have almost 500 PC panels that have matured that will allow me to make so much more, all while not having to refer others. Once I move past this, I will begin to refer more so that I can help others who also have a desire to be free financially or to supplement their income without having to get others to join them.

-- Diana J.
Hi, I'm honored to share my Profit Clicking success story! I joined PC in June of 2012 with no funds, since I did not have any extra. Shared with some and got a few referrals (7) who then purchased ad packs, so my income started to grow and signed up my wife. In August we were finally able to add some small funds to help speed things along. On September 20, 2012 I was viewing my required 3 ads and saw an interesting website to advertise my Profit Clicking on so I did. Since 9/20/12 We now have 263 Level 1 and 49 Level 2 referrals due to advertising PC to a website I saw in the PC Traffic Exchange, many are now purchasing Ad Packages for themselves which means referral commissions. So I guess we can say PC made it possible for us to find this success within itself. We love Profit Clicking and look forward to many successful years to come! Thank you Profit Clicking! :)

-- Charlie L.
Hi all members,
This is Henry from Hong Kong, I have joined Profit Clicking since December 2011. At first, I was just introduced by my sponsor and friend Carlos Vladymir to see this great opportunity as my old business was taking a lot of my time to manage, yet not everyone in my team was profiting. After I joined PC, I almost immediately started earning with the amazing system. Later, I purchase more AD Packages to grow my business and finance more exponentially. Now I have a very steady traffic and income for all my business thanks to Profit Clicking.

-- Henry T.
I am a latino man who migrated to the US with an important health condition since 25 years ago and looking for the same dream we all immigrants share in this great country. I had several jobs like delivering pizzas, direct sales, and machines operator in factories. I had a stroke 2 years ago and lost my job. I just want to express my lifetime gratitude to Frederick Mann and JBP/PC owners/Team, for changing my life for the better, experiencing real chance of online financial freedom I never saw before, and for making this possible for the 98% as their website states. Anybody in the world who wants a better life and has internet access, can do this to reach a steady income enough for bills and life with loved ones.

-- Juan L.
Throughout the years i looked for a way to generate income online, but with so many opportunities out there it was hard to decide. I joined various of opportunities and it was hard to make an income if you didnt sale a product, bug your friends and family, refer people, and drive traffic to that opportunity. When i met PC i thought it would be the same as the others, But NO! it doesn't even come close. This is so easy a baby can do it! Thanks to the Technology used and the ideas Generated by Fred Mann and his team, my life has changed. I know Now! there is a way to make money online for anyone who has never made it online. People will be knocking on your door wanting to join. Thanks to the Ad packs, pc panel bonuses and the ProfitShift feature, my income has skyrocketed. I am in profit and i continue to receive income without doing anything! that's right! you can make an income 24/7 without having to get lost bugging people, spending endless amounts of money. With PC, people will be looking for you instead. This has truly changed my financial status and it can change yours, too. All you have to do is join and let profit clicking do the work. I am grateful for this amazing system that will change so many lives. Wow! i work from home! long live Profit Clicking! Welcome to the 98% Solution!

-- Alberto R.
Profit Clicking is setting the pace for others to follow. I could not believe I'm actually making cool money from this system after several disappointments from a lot of scam sites out there who nearly caused high blood pressure for me and some of my referrals. But with PC in place, I can now go bed with my two eyes tightly closed with peace of mind. I'll definitely keep clicking for my profit which is sure. Thank you PC.

-- John C.
PC has paved the way for very ordinary people, such as myself, to create a "real online income". This is life-changing and I am so proud to be a part of the PC revolution. I believe in this so much that I am heading a team called PC Success Team right here in Singapore, dedicated to helping all members succeed like never before. Thank you PC for altering our lives for the better!

-- Jason R.
Profit Clicking its Amazing; Great!.... I'm very Happy everyday when I'm going to login to my account and I can see my profit daily! I have tried lots of PTC websites but only PC very quick processing for the payouts... Soon I need to buy more Ads. This is it! and this is what I'm looking for since been long time but I just found last August 06, 2012 when I signed up with FREE 10 usd very amazing. I love it!.......:) To all my Friends act now its not too late! for sure you will love it too.

-- Gina G.
Joined Jss 2011, I know profit clicking is here for the long haul, that is why it is my number one site. Yes I have 391 Level one and over 1450 Level 2. Dreams can be achieved. As simple as Click View Promote then earn. Even Free members can earn. Just promote. No excuses.

-- Maree W.
I love Profit Clicking because my life has changed. I love the new site, I love everything related to PC!

-- Zeljko M.
Profit Clicking has been such a blessing for our family! It has been our sole source of income for over a year now! We will never work in the "real world" again.

-- Sarah, Florida
I love PC because it is the first time ever on the internet, I have ever made money! I have my initial money back and so everything else is just gravy!! I can only see my money growing and growing, and the new pretty website. Thanks PC!

-- Sue, London
I like Profit Clicking a lot because it is giving me the opportunity to increase my income daily without recruiting. However, I haven't been able to find a better marketing system anywhere, so recruiting is a breeze.

-- Richard A.
Why I love PC? Profit Clicking has changed my life. I can stay home now and spend time with my family. I am making enough profits to replace my income from my other job and can now do the things I want to do! It is the BEST business out there!!!!

-- Danna S. Wrightwood, California
With Profit Clicking now I have time to devote to my family and do the things I like. I love working from home, experimenting freedom and getting a wealthy life.

-- Maximiliano, Cali, Colombia
Having been in many other programs that failed, many of them too fast, I found that Profit Clicking has much more stability.

-- Tinsto, Algeria
Profit Clicking is the best way to show your website to the world and get paid to do it.

-- Gradstol, West Germany
I joined Profit Clicking through JBP. When I heard that Frederick Mann was going on a retirement, I thought our investments had got frozen.

But the reverse was the case when Profit Clicking Team took over. Starting from the migration, to transferring of our accounts; fundings, purchased active positions in JSS tripler, JSS, Matrixes, account balances, withdrawals, referrals, etc.  It was a little tedious I know, but you worked tirelessly to accomplish all tasks & even added even more features that made PC an awesome business to venture into.  So discouraging was the surfing that was added in PC, which was not in JBP, but I know it contributes to its sustainability. You recently added the opportunity for all PC members to surf & view websites at their convenient time, up to 135 views for 45 days.

Yes! The withdrawal processing time was increased drastically, but it's better to keep to one’s words than not to fulfill one’s word. On this note, all my withdrawals were sent to my LR at the expiration of the withdrawal processing time. Coming to the response of my referrals that got discouraged when they saw all these changes, changed because of the way I related to them about my personal discovery of PC & it bolstered their morale & ability to trust PC.

I joined PC via JBP with NOTHING except the $10 P-I-F that I received when I signed up.  I read the FAQs, other members testimonials & other information on the member area. I went ahead to refer people into the programme & not so long, I started earning referral bonuses from their purchases.  I took hold of email marketing, attraction marketing, social media network like facebook, offline & online strategies to get referrals.  It's so funny that I started online business this year (February 2012) Now I am a full time online marketer earning full time above $1000+ net income monthly & still increasing.

I love PC! I love PC!! I love PC!!! If I could make it, anyone of you can!!!  I look forward to seeing the successful progress of PC in the next 50 to 100 years. That's my prayer. Infact, PC keep doing it big, we stand with on giving a future to the 98% online. KUDOS!!!!!!!!

-- Jephthae G.
I was quite skeptical at first, but as I monitored my initial free $10 and saw it growing daily, I decided to take the chance especially after I had confirmed that my funds can be physically withdrawn daily into raw cash. My earnings were fabulous & worked like clockwork, so within 15 days, I recruited/registered 6 persons. Just then... the change occurred & I was almost distraught for my referrals' sake. With hard work however, the Profit Clicking Team restored my confidence & that of my team in the PC programs & packages; and now, the good times are here again. JustBeenPaid and Profit Clicking have made 2012 my best passive income earning year so far!

-- Morgan M.
With Profit Clicking raising so much interest across the Internet, you can reap the rewards! This is the perfect time to tell your friends and contacts about this awesome program. "Those in the know" know that Profit Clicking is the place to be!

Help out your new prospects by offering them $10 FREE in the Pay-It-Forward System. Profit Clicking pays them to get started! Then explain that by purchasing Ad Packages, they will receive 1000 Ad Package Credits to set their business in motion -- Their website can be viewed by millions of Profit Clicking Members, and they will also benefit from Daily Sales Commissions! They start with our money; their website gains more traffic, and they can generate income! WIN! WIN! WIN!

-- Graham T.
PROFIT CLICKING:  Frederick Mann's Gift to the ordinary people.

I am one of the “ordinary people” who has found success with Profit Clicking (formally JBP). This success has not come easy. Over the last ten plus years I have spent thousands of dollars and spent hundreds of perspiring hours of work. Developing, producing, marketing and any thing else I needed to do to be successful, but failed at each endeavor, miserably. When I decided to cut my loses I found myself deep in debit. A debt that took time to climb out of. In most cases, lots of time.

However, finding a job of any kind was limited and rare for someone of my age bracket. Employers wanted someone who could work long, hard hours working behind a desk. Someone with experience in their field already. Even a recent graduate didn't stand a chance. So I went back, once again looking for a internet based business. I'm afraid I am very stubborn and persistent.

Again, I found nothing but promises made and money needed to get started. So I tried again in November of 2011 and again lots of money spent for products, marketing, viral assistants (recommended by program management). Merchant accounts, building sites, business licenses, tax account, and the list goes on and on. All this without one sale after almost seven months and almost 100 thousand target hits made. Not ONE! I was promised a sale for each 100 targeted hits. Yea right! However, I did get two request for the purchase of additional targeted hits.

I closed this business in May of 2012 completely wiped out and disgusted and swore I would not do this again. But, like I said I am stubborn and didn't like the shaking of heads when I kept trying. I had been receiving a certain email frequently and ignored it. I kept receiving this particular email month after month. The email was from JBP. Another scam I thought. It promised to help me be a success and would give me $10.00 to test the system myself. Okay, it's their money and if I lost it – so be it!

My Guardian Angel must have been on my shoulder that day. I was hooked after only two days. The system worked. I started to purchase “ad packs” a little at a time. It still worked! I couldn't believe it. Here was the program I have been searching for. Full steam ahead.

Since I have joined the business has gone through some changes. Frustrating at times, but I never lost faith in those who run the program. The whole support system has never failed and now my business is ever growing.

I have told others about – Profit Clicking, but because of my past failures they don't listen. I'll just have to prove it to them. When I've reached my income goal, in about nine months. I'll make a personal visit. They'll have to believe me then. And then I'll be able to help them.

-- Diana J.
Hello PC and members! Wow... Could Profit Clicking be the first time I have ever made consistent 'stress-free' money online? Yes I believe it is! So here is my story so far. I joined JBP late in August, actually turned out to be 1 day before JBP began the transition to Profit Clicking. I was shocked! To have joined this company, about which I had heard so much good, and see it '...change...' the very next day, after I had just purchased a significant number of triplers. What could I do? Was it over before it had even started? Had I been scammed out of my money AGAIN?? anyway so I waited and watched, and as the transition to PC developed I began to see day by day Profit Clicking simply growing and improving, from strength to strength, with all the pieces falling 'gracefully' into place! So, its now one month later, and all I can do is ... SMILE! I am really thrilled with the results of Profit Clicking! My account is growing and I am easily able to build my returns. On top of this I am also getting PAID, providing for my family a second income! My long term goal online has always been to achieve $10K a month, consistently, online. Can PC get me to my goal? I think absolutely YES! Thank you so very much Profit Clicking!

-- Dan A.
I am pleasantly surprised at how Profit Clicking stands out above all the other traffic exchange programs I have tried. True to their word, very helpful and user friendly which is perfect for entrepreneurs like myself or anyone with a web site! Profit Clicking is my only choice for traffic exchange.

-- Dionne, Washington
What I like about Profit Clicking is to not have to worry about recruiting to make money and making money everyday. I've been on the Internet since 1994 and being a member of Profit Clicking now for the first time ever I'm making money on the Internet. Thank you Profit Clicking for being available for us 98% who haven't made money on the Internet until now.

-- Dan S., Philippines
I am so glad to have found Profit Clicking. Being unemployed it has given me a true way to make money from home with little effort allowing me to work on other things too!

-- Jodi G., Las Vegas, Nevada
Profit Clicking has changed our lives! This great company has enabled me to support my family in the way I want to! I can spend more time with them and live the good life! There is outstanding support and wonderful products that I have faith it will keep growing and evolving for many years to come! Thank You Profit Clicking!

-- Mike S., California
After 35 years of teaching, I decided to retire and enjoy my grandchildren. That’s when I remembered how expensive kids can be! I needed a little extra money to boost my retirement income so that I could spoil my grandbabies properly. That’s when I found Profit Clicking! So easy even a grandmother can do it!

-- Vicki, California
Profit Clicking has changed our lives. In 2008 I became sick and wound up wheelchair bound. Needless to say, my construction career came to an end. Due to my illness my wife ran into issues and lost her job. For 3 years we searched for a way to make money online and the search ended when we found Profit Clicking. Since then our lives have become much better than they were before all this. We now have the freedom of working from home and creating our own schedules. Thank you Profit Clicking

-- Steve, Florida
Profit Clicking has been a godsend for me and for my family. Thanks to Profit Clicking, I have been able to leave my former corporate job and work from home full-time. What a blessing! Thank you Profit Clicking!

-- Monica, NZ

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